Hi, I'm Mel.

Mel smiling with a freshly sampled rock on a rainy Arctic day

Selected Experiences

Mel wearing a lab coat working with a sample in a fume hood

Processing samples from Svalbard

4 scientists hiking along the icy blue edge of a Greenland glacier

Petermann Glacier, Greenland collecting samples

Mel smiling in front of a drill rig in very muddy field clothes

Drilling for rocks in WI with the state geological survey

Halved and polished WI stalagmite showing tiny growth layers

Cut stalagmite sample from Cave of the Mounds, WI

Mel in shorts and a T-shirt laying atop the cross section of a dinosaur track

Side-view of a dinosaur track, WY

Moon pool on a Gulf drilling vessel 

Mel (very pregnant brunette woman), her spouse Marshal (bald, bearded white man), and toddler son Orrin smiling

Waiting for the twins to arrive...

Small (<2 in) meteorite held in Mel's hands

Showing off a piece of Mars (!) at the Geology Museum


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